Why Shorter Coaching Packages/1-Off Sessions Don't Work

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2022

Why coaching with me requires at least 3 months

We can't possibly uncover & rewire all your blocks (root causes) in one or two sessions or even 2 months of sessions. It takes time to really peel back all the layers behind your current results. The more time you have with coaching support, the better.

There are multiple phases to what I do:

The first phase of our work is awareness & discovery - this can take from 1 month to 3 months. (depending on how many issues we are looking at)

The second phase is healing & rewiring - this starts around month 2 or 3, depending how much needs to be rewired & how deep it is.

The third phase is future looking & new identity - this usually begins at the end of month 3 - now that you have locked in a new identity, how do you move forward, what new tools do you need for where you want to go.

The fourth phase is new tools for a new future - this starts whenever the integration of the first three phases is complete.

Transformation of anything requires at least 90 days of integration support to stick:

I don’t offer 1-off sessions or shorter packages because I am committed to providing my clients with sustainable transformation rather than giving you a hit of something new, but you have no support to continue applying it past the session. 

The reason so many people take tons of programs, read tons of books, listen to podcasts, go on retreats, etc. and do not get any actual results or transformation in their lives is because the transformation wasn’t integrated. 

One “aha” moment doesn’t equal your entire life changed forever. You will need to actually integrate the “aha” so it becomes part of who you are & how you operate.

But what usually happens is we learn something new, we discover something new, we commit to something new... and then we go back into the old environment we were in before. We have such deep neural pathways already in place for what we used to do… that we are operating on habit (unconsciously) 95% of the time. The new belief, mode of being is not yet who we are at an embodied level.

It takes enormous amounts of energy to rewire our neural pathways, change a habit, & create a new identity. For that, ongoing support is required because your old conditioning will come up, fears will come up, challenging situations will come up, etc. 

So why do we usually go back to the way things were?

It’s because there was a lack of integration & support afterwards in order to SUSTAIN & EMBODY that transformation. 

I am committed to my clients getting actual, sustainable, LASTING results from the work I do. I am not interested in giving you a hit and then letting you go off on your own hoping that everything has changed, only to discover that everything pretty much goes back to the way it was & your old patterns, even though you had an incredible moment of realization. 

It takes 90 days to create a new habit. 90 days of concentrated effort & coming up against the old patterns, the old programming, fears, etc. that want us to just go back to the way it was, because that was so much easier. 

You get coaching for at least 90 days so that you get the tools & support you need for a sustained transformation that lasts, hopefully for the rest of your life.  

There are also 3 stages of transformation we must go through to create LASTING change, whether it be in self-image, love & relationships, money, work, etc.:

Phase 1: Activation - this is you having new awareness and knowledge, but it’s more on a mental level. 

Phase 2: Integration - this is when life offers us a million opportunities to make different choices to create a different outcome. & we continue to practice making choices in alignment with our new understanding. (ex. a new belief we are practicing) 

Phase 3: Embodiment - this is when our new awareness becomes a new state of being, in the BODY (not just a mental idea). The coaches and mentors whose work is in full integrity teach from embodiment, for them it’s not merely a cool new idea or repacking regurgitated materials from others. It’s what they live day in and day out because it’s now who they are. 

Integration (phase 2) is really there when we feel most tested, because our old identity and new identity feel like they're at war with each other. We need support for these tests as they are really opportunities for us to apply what we learned & have it become embodied.

If you've taken a ton of courses, read books, listened to podcasts, talked to friends, gone on retreats, but your results are still not reflecting what you want, it is most likely due to lack of integration.

I am committed to my clients’ results. And that is why clients are only given the option to coach with me for 3 months minimum. 

I’m committed in building a brand with a reputation for client results & client success.

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