I'm your guide to ENDING relationship patterns, FINDING real LOVE + BECOMING the woman you were made to be.

Successful, Single & Looking for Your Right Guy?

I’m guessing you stopped by because…

  • You've pretty much got it all: A career you're proud of & worked hard for. Financial success. Your dream home. A lifestyle you love. A great group of friendsEverything in your life is right on track. But there’s just one area of your life that isn’t where you want it: Your love life. 
  • You're finding yourself stuck repeating the same situations with men. Although many men are interested in you, they're usually not the ones you’re interested in back. And those men you do like somehow always end up fading out, being emotionally unavailable and/or non-committal. 
  • Being the proactive woman you are, you’ve likely spent years doing therapy, personal development, & educating yourself. But there’s still something that hasn’t “clicked.” You know where your issues come from (for the most part)... but it’s not practical. You’re like, great, what do I actually do now that I know this? You are STILL trying to overcome blockages, wounds, old patterns, & negative beliefs that are holding you back from having the relationship you want.
  • You’ve finally admitted to yourself that you want love more than anything else. And not just any love. You want the incredible, deep, soul-to-soul relationship that feels like coming home. The man that you’ve dreamt about since you were a little girl, but over time have begun to wonder if it’s going to happen for you. The kind of heart-melting romance that is the stuff of songs and epic love stories in the movies. The most important relationship of your entire life. The home and family you are not willing to go without.
  • Even more importantly, you want to be the best version of yourself so you can attract the best relationship for you. Because you understand that everything happening on the outside reflects what’s going on inside.
  • And lately you’ve been saying to yourself: 

"I’m tired of dating. It’s so exhausting. Maybe I should take another break?"

"Where do I find the kind of men I want to meet?"

"I don’t get why online dating isn’t working for me."

"What if I never meet my person?"

"I have no idea how to get back into the dating game. I'm afraid to be hurt again."

"Why do I keep attracting the wrong men, falling for unavailable men, pushing men away, & not finding the kind of relationship I want?"

"I can’t quit! My body (& eggs) aren’t getting any younger!" (Tick tick tick!)

  • Due to the above, dating is an emotional rollercoaster. And you’re tired of it. And that’s why you’re here.

If any of this sounds like you, you’re in the right place.

And I want you to know that you're not alone.   The majority of women I have helped find love, came to me feeling frustrated & disheartened about their dating lives.

Considering that the quality of our lives is determined by the quality of our romantic relationships, it’s surprising that so many single women leave finding love to chance.

But what if Love doesn't find you?

Given how important our romantic relationships are to us as humans, I'm not a fan of relying on wishful thinking and leaving it to chance... however many years from now that could be.

‚ÄčAnd another misconception is that dating is just a numbers game: if you meet enough guys you’ll find your man. (I'd like to check in, is that working?)

While going on more dates may increase your chances of finding your partner a bit, if you are just dating more of the wrong men or with the wrong approach or have unhealed wounds, this will never result in you finding (& keeping) the quality love you truly desire. 

What I recommend instead: Just as you pursued your career with effort, thoughtfulness & advanced planning, I recommend applying a similarly proactive & thoughtful approach to finding love by...

1) Getting crystal clear on the right man for you.

2) Getting the education, guidance, & support you need so you’re prepared.

3) Solid personal marketing both online & offline so the right man can easily find you.

There is no shame in hiring a mentor to find love.

In fact, if you want the best for yourself, and not just the next guy who wants to date you, it’s the smartest choice you can make. Especially as a successful woman who already has so much of the rest of her life in place.

My clients typically don’t have a problem getting *first* dates (often the opposite), but they’re not that excited about the men they’re meeting or they’re not finding anything that lasts past the early stages. 

They want a real, meaningful connection, with someone they can see it LASTING with. They want to be the couple that everyone is secretly jealous of. 

If you're done with chasing the man who doesn’t choose you, obsessing, overanalyzing, longing, aching over men who aren’t ultimately the one for you.

If you're ready for the One. 

You've come to the right place.

Helping you get set up for & attract the man of your dreams is what I do.

So you can stop feeling frustrated and disheartened, and start enjoying every step of the way with full confidence that you will find the love you dream of.


Ways to Work with Elizabeth:

The High Value Woman Mastermind

High Value Woman Dating Program to find your husband

A 5 month, high touch, intimate mastermind for women who are serious about getting in-depth guidance & support to find & keep a high quality, commitment-ready, husband-material man.

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Open to Love VIP 1:1 Coaching

Personalized 1:1 coaching packages

For the woman who craves in depth 1:1 work & wants to go deep with me to heal her attachment wounds & raise her self worth, reclaim her truest self, authentically embody her feminine, understand men, & get personalized dating or relationship guidance to find & keep 'the one.' 

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The Adored Woman

Women in relationships

Online course for women in relationships who want to learn the feminine secrets to bring out the best form their men, master feminine communication, & learn the principles of what makes relationships thrive. Includes 9 modules with 15+ hours of my best wisdom. 

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Hi Love,

I'm Elizabeth

I'm so happy you found yourself on my website. 

I am obsessed with helping women like you have the relationship you desire.

If there's one thing I hope you take away from being on here today it's this: what you want is possible. 

Regardless of¬†your unique circumstances, past,¬†& patterns:¬†It's more than possible.¬†The Bible¬†tells us,¬†‚Äú'For I know the plans I have for you,' declares the Lord, 'plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future. '‚Ä̬†(Jeremiah 29:11). All things are possible through Him.

I can almost guarantee that you're not struggling with men because God wants you to be single, you're struggling with men because there's an inner block you have that needs to be removed.

And I'm here to help you do that, in the most effective & simple way possible.

So however you decide to learn from me: my free content, masterclasses, courses, or coaching. My commitment is that you leave believing that a thousand percent for yourself & having tools to get you there.

Thank you for being here, 
XO, Elizabeth


What past clients are saying


"Hiring Elizabeth is undoubtedly one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself...Very quickly into our work, a man entered my life that was everything on my list, but even better.

Without Elizabeth’s work, I likely would have behaved in my typical anxious avoidant ways and harmed the budding relationshipThanks to Elizabeth, I was able to understand the root cause of these tendencies, and show up with my partner as my best self.

For some context, I love personal development work, I’ve done a ton of it and am widely considered the wise one that my friends go to for advice.  I also worked in the matchmaking and coaching industry before, and have had the privilege of working with the most respected people in the space.  They were all excellent, but what Elizabeth offers is truly something I hadn’t seen from any of them. 

I not only got the relationship of my dreams, my anxiety is gone and I feel more empowered in every area of my life."

(She met her fiance within 2 months of coaching)

-Kaitlin, 30

"Working with Elizabeth was the best, best best decision I have ever made! It was an investment in myself that has forever impacted me in only amazing ways! I am forever grateful to you Elizabeth!

I never thought I’d find someone like him. I look at him and tell him I just feel so lucky. 

He accepts me for who I am. I don't have to be someone I’m not. I felt before like I had to be so perfect and not show any emotion and yes everything.

In the past I had been attracting a boy. And M. is a man. 

It was nice to be held accountable. And delving into the inner work, I didn't realize some of the things from my upbringing and my lived experiences had impacted how I was dating, presenting myself, and even perceiving myself because I thought something was wrong with me, it was always me, me, me.

My friends and family they see me and they tell me "you just look so different, you just look happy."

(She met her now FIANCE within 3 months of coaching)

-Sara, 24

I hired Elizabeth after 4 years single. [I had] been having a pattern... of men either being avoidant or not wanting to commit. I felt this was the missing piece to the puzzle.

I got clarity on what I want/ who I to attract in my life. Clarity on triggers related to older wounds /attachment style. I had a shift in mindset of attracting those qualities I’m looking for instead of trying to fit into what I think my partner wants/needs.

I can enjoy the process of attracting my ideal partner instead of only trying to control focus on the outcome with one particular person I’m dating. 

I feel more confident in who I am and what I need/deserve to be happy."

(she met the love of her life shortly after & they've been traveling the world together ever since "We're meant to be partners in life, such a beautiful feeling!")

-Caro, 31

"I am very grateful to Elizabeth for our work together. I learned some valuable lessons that have changed my mind forever in terms of love and relationships. She warmly led me into deep searching within myself, to love the parts of myself I had been hiding, and to completely be there for myself. Because of this work, I recognize when I am acting out of my anxious attachment. Not to over-work to try to ‚Äėmake stuff happen,‚Äô I stop myself a lot more, and instead, toward bettering myself and my life. After my 3 months with Elizabeth, I am happy to say that I have met some extraordinary men. I have met a man who is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. He is basically everything on my list I had created with Elizabeth... He's everything I could ever have dreamed of and more. There's so much love between us. We are very much in love. My family LOVES him. I couldn't have done it without you. I apply everything you coached me on."

Caitlin, 33

""I'm in a relationship with a wonderful guy... we are very much in love and I wouldn't change a thing... it feels very easy and I strongly suspect we'll end up together." (P.S. they're now engaged)"

Arianna, 30

"It's such a relief not to feel the anxious tendencies rise up, and to be able to enjoy dating and getting to know someone without the exhausting anxiety and desperation to be seen/chosen... I felt like you told me what I needed to hear which was good. I loved feeling like I was actually doing something practical to clear the emotional blocks and heal, rather than just talking about why I have those patterns. I think the techniques were really helpful and worked well. I feel so much calmer and it's refreshing to be attracted to someone who treats me with respect and consideration (instead of being physically repelled by someone who is kind and consistent). I feel more confident in my ability to attract good things and good people into my life - I also feel less reliant on external validation. "

Lexie, 29
Health Coach

"I signed up with you and then within a week or two I started dating a guy, and during the entire duration I was dating him, and I'm still dating him. He‚Äôs a very good fit for me. I‚Äôm more on the masculine energy side, I found I needed someone that was ok with me being more in my masculine, and sussed if we were right for each other out in coaching and we‚Äôve been together for 8 months! I was repeating to myself ‚ÄúI‚Äôm ok the way I am,‚ÄĚ and with coaching I started to live it more and not have those experiences with men where they were just pursued because of looks or initial perceptions... If you are frustrated in any way shape or form, you probably don't know why you are frustrated [with dating], you don‚Äôt even know what the root causes are, and you need to understand those so you can work with them. We aren‚Äôt taught how to date, we aren‚Äôt taught how to be in those environments... And with trial and error you are not setting yourself up for success... I knew there was some self worth stuff happening and the weekly sessions working on that in a concentrated way was super beneficial. Also, I had been out of dating for 10 years, so having you weekly to be like 'hey this is happening is this normal should I push back, should I not'‚Ķ that was super super valuable to me."

V., 34
Tech CEO & Founder

"I found myself a relationship!...I definitely caught a lot of my triggers early on and didn't act on it. It's just been very easy, peaceful, and comfortable. He always shows up for me, is consistent, makes me feel so special and reminds me how much he cares about me everyday. We are Italy together this week and he asked me to be his girlfriend! It's so odd not needing to ask for anything, it just comes with him! It sounds very cliche, but yes! :)"

Phoebe, 30

"She helped guide me through my triggers that would come up. I noticed red flags with this guy, and her guidance helped confirm that he was not good for me. Having the courage to stand up for myself, talk in person, and completely cut him off was a huge turning point for me as it is not something I would have done in the past. I am learning to trust my intuition more, work through my triggers, and work with my inner child."

Nicole, 29

"Her methods of getting to the root of the problem and digging it out were innovative, easy and fun. She guided me through exercises to overcome my anxieties and past problems that were holding me back... On our last session, I presented to her on Zoom the man of my dreams. A handsome, loving, kind, gentle man. Everything I had been looking for. We are in love, and he treats me wonderfully. I am so happy... ‚ÄčI highly recommend Elizabeth Karina as a life coach."

Lisa, 66

"I can honestly say that had I have gone through this coaching experience earlier in my life, I believe that I would not have had to go through a divorce, and other toxic relationships before then... Elizabeth does not have a textbook cookie cutter approach to her coaching. It is all individualized, and she always had the session prepared specifically for me before the coaching call each week. I also knew that if I were struggling with something or had questions in-between coaching sessions that she would be there for me, which was very helpful and reassuring."


"Elizabeth as my personal coach was so easy to work with. She really tailors her program to fit her clients' needs and she truly listens. I appreciated her insights and empathetic approach as a catalyst for change. When working with Elizabeth, self-empowerment was a major aspect of my transformation as I was able to gain the confidence to embody and embrace my innate feminine energy. Together we worked through a deep exploration of past experiences and examined behavioral patterns and inner dialogue in relation to self, dating, and about my future goals. She is someone who I trust on my journey to support authentic healing work, which for me was a worthy investment in becoming the best version of myself!"

Olivia, 31

Finding her DREAM Relationship (Now ENGAGED!)

Anxiously attached, people pleasing, weak boundaries = to empowered, confident, & secure in a happy, healthy perfect match relationship

Finding her Partner, Her Best Friend

Anxiously attached, people pleasing, trouble with asserting herself -- to in tune with her intuition, trusting herself, confident, & secure in a happy, connected relationship

Divorced Young to Finding her Partner

Becoming Confident, Secure, Empowered, & True to Herself + Her Career Taking Off!

Broken up & single, to getting back together with her ex & things being better than ever

A pattern of Fearful Avoidant attachment, walls up that made communication hard, leaning into masculine energy where she didn't want to, and triggers that made her shut down inside... to healing triggers, learning how to have ease inside, communicating masterfully, understanding men, and developing her feminine. With a boyfriend who moved half way across the country to be with her.

Meeting Her Dream Man

A pattern of settling, accepting less than she wanted & putting in all the effort - to shifting her self worth & energy to attract an EASY relationship with dream man who is CONSISTENT, SECURE, wants COMMITMENT, & is mindful of her attachment style needs.

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