1:1 Coaching with Elizabeth

1:1 Coaching with Elizabeth is a 3 or 6 month partnership that’s designed to help you become the version of yourself you want to be, heal past trauma & your relationship to your feminine & the masculine, end negative dating/relationship patterns, embody confidence, self-love & self-worth, to prepare for or attract a healthy, secure, committed relationship in your life with the perfect man for you & keep it. 

Whether you’re single and dating to find your person, or just wanting to focus on healing your attachment style - this intensive 1:1 work can cover all of that and will be completely tailored to wherever you’re at & what you most need & want. 

What You'll Gain: 

In Yourself:

+Awareness of the behaviors & patterns that are working against you (your blindspots).

+Heal the roots of past pain, insecure attachment styles, & negative patterns, release emotional ties to past men, feel safe to let down your walls & be seen.

+Sense of security within yourself - knowing you have your own back & can trust yourself. No more crippling anxiety.

+Increased confidence - feel amazing as you are, feel in your bones your worthiness so you stop trying to be something or prove something & just be yourself.

+Ability to show up in your relationships as your authentic self, no longer hiding certain parts of yourself or "performing."

+*If you are a believer* Strengthen your faith & grow in your relationship with God.

In Relationship/Dating:

+Understanding of how to choose & create a healthy, quality committed relationship with the right man that can last a lifetime.

+On-point radar for filtering men who are low-quality, unavailable, or not commitment ready. No more heartache.

+Clarity on exactly what you want & need in a relationship/partner & knowing you can have it.

+Online dating profile makeover - be irresistible online to the exact kind of man you want to attract. Gain tools for navigating the apps with confidence, so you can dip in any time you want & know there are quality matches waiting.

+Dating skills - learn how to date to from a place of high self-worth, confidence, & security to be irresistible to quality men & attract your dream man & relationship- your person who is your home- with ease & effortlessness (and without games or manipulation). 

+Advanced communication skills - learn how to express boundaries, needs, & resolve conflicts with confidence, without fearing rejection, in a way that actually brings you closer to your man. Good communication is the foundation of a healthy, secure connection.


+12 or 18 3xs monthly 60 minute coaching calls via Zoom.

+Practical assignments to do in between sessions for integration.

+Additional support from me in between sessions via email. 

+Comprehensive intake form & previous relationship/dating history & assessment. 

+Personalized education on attachment style factors/other factors to better understand your patterns. 

+Internal healing work to shift these patterns at their root. 

+Concrete & practical tools & skills to help you create the quality relationship you deserve. 

+Access to my private client trainings & resources as applies to you.

Additional resources: reflection journaling prompts, readings, worksheets, & personal videos teaching on topics touched on in coaching, including tips & tricks for navigating your unique obstacles. 

Our work is 100% confidential.


3 Months (12 sessions): $6,500 (pay in full) or $2,333 (3 mo payment plan)

6 Months (18 sessions): $9,700 (pay in full) or $1,749/mo (6 mo payment plan)

This is an investment in your future. If love, the relationship & family you want to have hasn't happened naturally, you don't have to continue to struggle while your dreams feel further & further away. I wouldn't have the amazing relationship I have without lots of support from "experts" along the way. 

It's so worth it not only to finally have the man you love and will spend the rest of your life with, feel adored, cherished, desired, & loved in a healthy relationship, but also because this work also transforms YOU. You will feel so much more confident, empowered, & secure in ALL areas of your life so you can make the impact you know you're here to make. 

See client testimonials here. 

Any questions, email me: [email protected]¬†


Fill out the application linked below. If your application is a match (& I have spaces open), you will be emailed a link to schedule a short consultation call. We will hop on Zoom & have a quick conversation to make sure working together is a fit, if it is, you will be able to enroll in 1:1 coaching with me.

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