About Me

Top Dating/Relationship Coach

A Certified Heal Your Life Life Coach + Harvard University M.Ed. + Neuroscience & Psychology-Based Work + Dating Expert, 11 Years Studying Dating, Attraction, & Relationships + Personal Development & Trauma Healing

Are you ready to TRANSFORM your love life? Good! Then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Elizabeth, and I help high achieving, successful women like you find the relationship they dream of. 

I have my Masters in Education from Harvard University. I was a teacher for 7 years in Massachusetts' most desirable school districts before becoming a life coach, and I implement my world-class training & educational background in helping my clients master dating & relationships.

I'm a certified life coach through Louise Hay’s Heal Your Life™ transformational coaching methodology and a Landmark Worldwide Self Expression & Leadership graduate. 

My work is based on my years of study & implementation of the fundamental principles of psychology (CBT), inner work & trauma healing primarily through Parts Work (IFS), with addition of somatic work, breath work, NLP & human transformation, as well as 10 years of study on the science-based research of male-female differences + dynamics, & an understanding of metaphysics, and a perspective that is grounded in my Christian background - my work is grounded in Christian/Biblical ethics & principles.

Using my systematized approach for creating healing & transformation from the inside out, as well as practical principles and steps that work from the outside in, I help women heal past wounds, transcend their past experiences, & connect with their inner power, self love, & self worth, so they can attract & choose incredible men who are true matches into their lives.

I teach women how to connect to their inherent worth, lovability & enoughness so that they can stand in their worth, speak their truth, set self honoring boundaries, & show up as high value women who the right men pursue, claim, & adore. I help women build the foundations for healthy, lasting, fulfilling, & meaningful relationships. And the results speak for themselves (see my client testimonials).

My clients have huge success in their personal lives as well as their professional lives as a result of this work. My clients' careers have changed as a result, their businesses have flourished, they've gone on to publish books, speak on stages, shift careers into something more aligned, been offered promotions, etc.

While my work is focused on romantic relationships, due to the nature of transformative work, it touches every area of my clients lives: their family relationships, work relationships, careers, their voice, connection to their bodies, sex & intimacy, spirituality, life purpose, and more…

My work is based on my own first hand experience with uncovering, healing, & rewiring negative patterns with men that came from old wounds, unhelpful beliefs, and a lack of having the practical guidance for how to date for long-term, successful relationships.

In my murky dating past, with saying yes to the wrong relationships, to falling for & chasing men who didn’t want to commit to me… I eventually discovered one of the most important lessons that resulted in the work I now do of helping other women change their romantic patterns with men so they can attract their perfect match. 

When we have a repeating experience, it’s because of our patterns of behavior, which are based on subconscious things we aren’t aware of & stuck patterns in our emotional bodies. If we don’t change these things, we will continue to attract the same experiences. As without, so within. 

Too many women are trying to date but have no idea that their subconscious programming is sabotaging their chances at finding a happily-ever-after at every turn. They keep entering situations with new men, thinking that if they just keep trying, one day it will work - which is actually the definition of insanity.

I’m here to help women get it right, the first time. To stand for what every woman deserves: real, true, honest, lasting, loving relationships. Relationships that are based on authenticity and rightness, rather than games and facades. On a foundation of authenticity, confidence, self love, & self worth. 

No matter your past, you can heal whatever is holding you back. You aren’t doomed to a life of singledom. You are allowed to put finding love as a priority! You can stop repeating past patterns for good. You can start attracting high quality men who are matches for you. You can learn to set boundaries. You can learn to love yourself. You can experience dating as easy, effortless & smooth. You can attract the man of your dreams QUICKLY. You can get into a relationship with him easily and effortlessly. You can have an incredible relationship that lasts.

There is never a better time to get started on creating what you want than right now. Don’t miss this moment, it’s all you have!

Whether you desire healing & inner transformation or to attract the love of your life, I can help you.

There is no situation too complex or complicated. No circumstance that means you can’t have what you want. Trust me, no matter your story or your current circumstance you can create transformation in your love life & get what you want... and I've got your back.


Your right man is out there. Let’s find the program that’s best fit for you so you can date with confidence and call in the man of your dreams.