Client Testimonials

Fearful Avoidantly Attached, Now Married!

"Hiring Elizabeth is undoubtedly one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself...Very quickly into our work, a man entered my life that was everything on my list, but even better.

Without Elizabeth’s work, I likely would have behaved in my typical anxious avoidant ways and harmed the budding relationshipThanks to Elizabeth, I was able to understand the root cause of these tendencies, and show up with my partner as my best self.

For some context, I love personal development work, I’ve done a ton of it and am widely considered the wise one that my friends go to for advice. I also worked in the matchmaking and coaching industry before, and have had the privilege of working with the most respected people in the space.  They were all excellent, but what Elizabeth offers is truly something I hadn’t seen from any of them. 

I not only got the relationship of my dreams, my anxiety is gone and I feel more empowered in every area of my life."

(She met her FIANCE within 2 months of coaching)

-Kaitlin, 30, Entrepreneur

From Picking the Wrong Men, to Finding Her Dream Man!

"Working with Elizabeth was the best, best best decision I have ever made! It was an investment in myself that has forever impacted me in only amazing ways! I am forever grateful to you Elizabeth!

I never thought I’d find someone like him. I look at him and tell him I just feel so lucky. 

He accepts me for who I am. I don't have to be someone I’m not. I felt before like I had to be so perfect and not show any emotion and yes everything.

In the past I had been attracting a boy. And M. is a man. 

It was nice to be held accountable. And delving into the inner work, I didn't realize some of the things from my upbringing and my lived experiences had impacted how I was dating, presenting myself, and even perceiving myself because I thought something was wrong with me, it was always me, me, me.

My friends and family they see me and they tell me "you just look so different, you just look happy."

(She met her now FIANCE within 3 months of coaching)

-Sara, 24, Psychologist

Happily Traveling the World Together

"I hired Elizabeth after 4 years single. [I had] been having a pattern... of men either being avoidant or not wanting to commit. I felt this was the missing piece to the puzzle.

I got clarity on what I want/who I to attract in my life. Clarity on triggers related to older wounds/attachment style. I had a shift in mindset of attracting those qualities I’m looking for instead of trying to fit into what I think my partner wants/needs.

I can enjoy the process of attracting my ideal partner instead of only trying to control focus on the outcome with one particular person I’m dating. 

I feel more confident in who I am and what I need/deserve to be happy."

(she met the love of her life shortly after & they've been traveling the world together ever since "We're meant to be partners in life, such a beautiful feeling!")

(She met her now partner within 2 months of coaching)

-Caro, 31, Interior Designer

Found Her Perfect Guy

"I found myself a relationship!...I definitely caught a lot of my triggers early on and didn't act on it. It's just been very easy, peaceful, and comfortable. He always shows up for me, is consistent, makes me feel so special and reminds me how much he cares about me everyday. We are Italy together this week and he asked me to be his girlfriend! It's so odd not needing to ask for anything, it just comes with him! It sounds very cliche, but yes! :)"

(update: she's engaged to him!)

Phobe, 30, Finance

Healthy Relationship with Perfect Match

"I signed up with you and then within a week or two I started dating a guy, and during the entire duration I was dating him, and I'm still dating him. He’s a very good fit for me. I’m more on the masculine energy side, I found I needed someone that was ok with me being more in my masculine, and sussed if we were right for each other out in coaching and we’ve been together for 8 months! I was repeating to myself “I’m ok the way I am,” and with coaching I started to live it more and not have those experiences with men where they were just pursued because of looks or initial perceptions...  If you are frustrated in any way shape or form, you probably don't know why you are frustrated [with dating], you don’t even know what the root causes are, and you need to understand those so you can work with them. We aren’t taught how to date, we aren’t taught how to be in those environments... And with trial and error you are not setting yourself up for success... I knew there was some self worth stuff happening and the weekly sessions working on that in a concentrated way was super beneficial. Also, I had been out of dating for 10 years, so having you weekly to be like 'hey this is happening is this normal should I push back, should I not'… that was super super valuable to me." 

-Vicki, 34, CEO & Founder

Anxious Attachment Lessened

"It's such a relief not to feel the anxious tendencies rise up, and to be able to enjoy dating and getting to know someone without the exhausting anxiety and desperation to be seen/chosen... I felt like you told me what I needed to hear which was good. I loved feeling like I was actually doing something practical to clear the emotional blocks and heal, rather than just talking about why I have those patterns. I think the techniques were really helpful and worked well. I feel so much calmer and it's refreshing to be attracted to someone who treats me with respect and consideration (instead of being physically repelled by someone who is kind and consistent). I feel more confident in my ability to attract good things and good people into my life - I also feel less reliant on external validation."

Lexie, 29, Health Coach

From Healing Heartbreak after being dumped to finding her DREAM man & relationship

Within 4 months of coaching!

Pt 1

Pt 2

Pt 3

Rochelle, 29, USA

"My Days of Being Single Are OVER!" (ENGAED WITHIN 6 MONTHS)

"We are in a committed relationship now! [update: engaged] With a perspective of FOREVER. I would never have arrived at where I am now without your work and having been part in the HVW Mastermind! I really considered myself a hopeless case...the connection is truly on all levels, intellectually, emotionally, w're having the same vision of our future & he makes me laugh so much! This would simply not have happened if I wouldn't have met you. Thank you Elizabeth!" 

"During the mastermind my dating experience changed very much. First on the apps: I always had a bunch of matches, but what changed during the program was that every match went to pursuing me and asking me out in no time! Conversations were meaningful and very appreciative of me. The dates I had started to be of higher and higher quality. Before the program it mostly was meeting for coffee or a drink, now it was dinners with being paid a cab afterwards or really fun activities. The quality of the men I dated raised too, because I gained clarity on what I wanted and also because I now knew how to behave to be attractive to this level of guys. 

Unlike every other coaching I did, with you I really changed central patterns that I was completely blind to... Most coaches/therapists stay much more on the surface and nothing changes. I totally shifted the pattern of reversed polarity, mothering men, overworking in relationships and going for guys below my level. 

[the mastermind] was so all encompassing and thorough that I suspect theres any other coach out there who is offering anything alike. And this holds true even though I’m a psychologist myself and already knew a lot before enrolling. This course has changed me by 180 degrees. 

Most important for me was that I got a grip on my emotions which could go rollercoaster and lead to either me being extremely anxious and sad and on the other hand starting fights with love interests - very detrimental especially in the beginning! 

I’m much more confident now. I know I have to be myself. I like myself. Feels to me like it has been buried somewhere inside of me because of societal pressure and now being able to fully be me again feels great! I also feel I’m standing out this way now which is of course helpful when dating ;) 

The only thing I wish to be different is that I wish I had done it sooner. Thank you sooo much! "

-Mastermind client

Healing anxious attachment, self worth, & confidence

"Elizabeth, you have been absolutely incredible. This course has changed my life. It's brought so much healing, given me a new perspective on men, given me a new level of confidence and self worth, and changed the trajectory of my life and future relationships. The best money I've ever spent. THANK YOU <3"

Mastermind client, 34, USA

In A Committed Relationship & Moving in Together! (UPDATE: They're Engaged!)

""I met someone!... He asked me to be his girlfriend but said he knew I was the one almost immediately (I feel the same), we've met each other's families, we've talked about a one year plan i.e. marriage/kids, we've said I love you, and we're moving in together! I couldn't have dreamt up a better partner for me... I've been LIVING all that I learned and enjoying every minute of it. I am SO grateful to Elizabeth for this program and to all of the women here who have supported this journey the last year <3" 

"I will be forever grateful for getting introduced to The High Value Woman Mastermind by another happy, soon to be married, client! 

Investing in myself and developing a coaching relationship with Elizabeth is going to pay dividends throughout my life, and truly, in all of my relationships with men, not just romantic. 

I came into the program with a deep desire and intent to meet my husband and have a family and I have left with all the tools and support to feel confident on my journey as it continues to unfold. 

During our time, I was able to deal with the grief I had been experiencing with a prior relationship ending and look at all the parts of my little girl self that were still hanging on to an outdated story and where I had been overfunctioning to prove myself. My dad passed away when I was a young girl and I felt like there was always a bit of a missing "blueprint" on understanding men/communication that I now have clarity on. All of the things that have "worked" for me in the work world are the complete opposite of what I have needed to embody in my romantic life.

I have been able to lean back more into myself and surrender to the process. I even had the old boyfriend come back and be able to let that go knowing he was not the right man for me. I am enjoying the dating process and I am just beginning to utilize some of the content and extended support as I navigate a relationship that I am very curious to continue to explore. 

I feel so authentically myself. I knew that in order to get different results, I needed to do, or be open, to something different. 

Elizabeth created such a safe, supportive container for me, and all of the other women in the program, to move through our own experiences with ease. Her ability to teach and coach is very natural, and it was easy to take direction and suggestion from her. It was also super helpful to hear other women share their experience during the coaching calls and always find something that I could benefit from. 

I am so grateful for my time working with Elizabeth."

M, 33, USA (Mastermind Client)

In a Committed Relationship After MANY F Boys

"I have a boyfriend! Things are going SO well, like a God send!" 

"I began this program feeling heartbroken and uncertain about why I consistently attracted emotionally unavailable men who did not share my desire for a long-term relationship, marriage, and eventual children. Historically, I tended to date men whom I believed I could "fix" or remained in relationships with emotionally unavailable partners, hoping they would eventually choose me for marriage or that I could change them. Taking a leap of faith, I enrolled in Elizabeth's incredible coaching program.

After approximately a year of working with her and engaging in extensive healing work based on her suggestions and teachings, she gently reminded me to trust the process and overcome any mental blocks I had regarding the men I was dating. Additionally, she provided valuable advice to navigate challenges I encountered. Eventually, I met an incredible guy, and our dating experience has been wonderful. He is emotionally available and embodies everything I have been searching for and more. I am embracing the relationship, letting my guard down, and falling for him. Moreover, I am able to fully embrace my feminine side because he exudes masculinity. I highly recommend her, and will forever cherish the lessons I learned from Elizabeth's program."

 -Nicole, 33, USA

Raising Her Standards, Self Worth & Finding Her Dream Man

"We're expecting our first baby"

"There was a period of time in my life where I was in a serious relationship, and I knew it wasn’t going well for him and I. After my break up with this man, I went on a 2-3 year journey of becoming curious with hookups, dating, and everything in between. It wasn’t until a few heartbreaks later, that I realized my patterns I had with my ex had also carried over into my single life. I was unable to attract the man I’ve always wanted and deserved. I knew in my heart my intentions were pure, but something was off for me, and I couldn’t seem to find what I was looking for.

With a lot of research, help from loved ones and friends, and ultimately being done dealing with my own misery, I started to look into coaching. It was something that always interested me, and because of my past and a lot of trauma I’ve endured, I felt like it was time to dive in.

I soon then found Elizabeth and her coaching programs on Instagram. The process for me was intimidating at first, because I was scared to dive into something that would ultimately change my life forever, in the direction I’ve always wanted it to go. Little did I know when I began with Elizabeth, it did exactly that and more.

Elizabeth offered me the space to be myself in the exact way I arrived. With all of my trauma, my flaws, and everything in between. The version of myself I knew and wanted to become was available to me here, with her guidance and the tools to make it all possible. 

A couple months into our sessions and diving into the work that she provided for me, I was actively dating and able to feel confident in doing so. As I actively dated, I got to know the men I was dating, and felt more secure in myself and my standards.

Dating became easier and easier as time went on, thanks to Elizabeth’s guidance. I soon then met the man of my dreams in an unexpected place. There was something in me in that moment that knew he was the one. 

Fast forward to Elizabeth and I’s third month of coaching together, this man and I were now in a fully committed relationship. I was able to take my time with this man, and felt fully confident in my feminine in the process of us meeting and moving forward. This man and I are now expecting our first baby this coming year, and we couldn’t be more excited to start a family together. If it wasn’t for Elizabeth and her coaching, I wouldn’t be where I’ve dreamt of today."

-Kimmy, 29

Healing her Feminine, Changing Her Dating Patterns

"Dear Elizabeth, 

I cannot stress enough how grateful I am I met you!

When I first started reading through your precious materials, as you know, I was processing a recent break-up and I felt I was running in circles: I was seeing the same patterns with men repeating all over again, I clearly saw them, yet I had absolutely no idea how to break them. I had put a lot of effort and tried multiple things, but my approach was a bit all over the place and wasn't working at all. 

What I needed was some clear guidance, someone who could help me identify the reasons underlying those patterns and teach me the techniques and tools to deal with them - and this is exactly what your masterclass provided me with and it felt so healing and empowering. 

Thanks to your teachings I unearthed things inside me I wasn't even aware of as well as things I had completely forgotten about or dismissed. Yet, these events forged beliefs inside me, which in turn were driving my relationships with men.

Also, you shed light on the deep meaning of masculine and feminine as well as how certain behaviours women have may emasculate men. I had observed these very same behaviours in the dynamics between my parents, I could feel those were unhealthy dynamics and I definitely didn't want to replicate them, yet I didn't know what were the healthy alternatives. Your masterclass showed me what are the fundamentals of healthy relationships and how to identify a man with whom I can build one. 

I could go on forever describing how precious your work is and has been for me - thank you so much for what you do, it is so valuable :)" 

-Silvia, 31, Italy

Healing Triggers & Boundaries

"She helped guide me through my triggers that would come up. I noticed red flags with this guy, and her guidance helped confirm that he was not good for me. Having the courage to stand up for myself, talk in person, and completely cut him off was a huge turning point for me as it is not something I would have done in the past.

I am learning to trust my intuition more, work through my triggers, and work with my inner child."

-Nicole, 29

Self Love & Finding My Feminine

"Elizabeth as my personal coach was so easy to work with. She really tailors her program to fit her clients' needs and she truly listens. I appreciated her insights and empathetic approach as a catalyst for change.
When working with Elizabeth, self-empowerment was a major aspect of my transformation as I was able to gain the confidence to embody and embrace my innate feminine energy. Together we worked through a deep exploration of past experiences and examined behavioral patterns and inner dialogue in relation to self, dating, and about my future goals. She is someone who I trust on my journey to support authentic healing work, which for me was a worthy investment in becoming the best version of myself!"

-Olivia, 31, Teacher

Coaching Earlier Could Have Saved Going Through a Divorce

"I can honestly say that had I have gone through this coaching experience earlier in my life, I believe that I would not have had to go through a divorce, and other toxic relationships before then... Elizabeth does not have a textbook cookie cutter approach to her coaching.  It is all individualized, and she always had the session prepared specifically for me before the coaching call each week.  I also knew that if I were struggling with something or had questions in-between coaching sessions that she would be there for me, which was very helpful and reassuring."

-Brianna, Therapist


"I'm in a relationship with a wonderful guy... we are very much in love and I wouldn't change a thing... it feels very easy and I strongly suspect we'll end up together."

(P.S. they're now married)

-Arianna, 30, Investor

Healing Anxious Attachment & Dating Amazing Men

"I am very grateful to Elizabeth for our work together. I learned some valuable lessons that have changed my mind forever in terms of love and relationships. She warmly led me into deep searching within myself, to love the parts of myself I had been hiding, and to completely be there for myself. Because of this work, I recognize when I am acting out of my anxious attachment. Not to over-work to try to ‘make stuff happen,’ I stop myself a lot more, and instead, toward bettering myself and my life. After my 3 months with Elizabeth, I am happy to say that I have met some extraordinary men. I have met a man who is one of the most amazing men I have ever met. He is basically everything on my list I had created with Elizabeth..."

-Caitlin, 33, Teacher

Healing Childhood Trauma & Finding Love

"Her methods of getting to the root of the problem and digging it out were innovative, easy and fun. She guided me through exercises to overcome my anxieties and past problems that were holding me back... On our last session, I presented to her on Zoom the man of my dreams. A handsome, loving, kind, gentle man. Everything I had been looking for. We are in love, and he treats me wonderfully. I am so happy...
​I highly recommend Elizabeth Karina as a life coach."

Lisa, 60

Healing, Knowing her worth, Embodying her Feminine

It is the hand of God that brought me to Elizabeth Karina Drake for coaching. I did not understand men. I had two unsuccessful yet serious relationships which came close to marriage before they went up in flames (for lack of better phrasing ) - ending in similar ways. 

Elizabeth gets to the root of her coachees' essence and helps them uncover their highest self through deep inner work and consciousness. Her expertise in male psychology makes it seamless and easy to share ongoing relationship hurdles and overcome them with ease, and with her empowering support.

By putting effort into learning about the intersection of how I show up vs. the psychology of men, I soon became the champion of my own life, dating life, and overall relationship with men. I am sure I would not be where I am today without her coaching! I am full of joy mastering my femininity and my faith.

All these years, I did not fully understand that change and attracting the man I want starts with me. I had behaviors, mindsets, and ways of communicating that were not creating polarity and was a main contributor to not spotting or attracting the right man for me. 

Not only has my dating life improved, but my entire life has improved, including my faith in God. I feel deeply now we are only ever where we are because God wants us to be there, and I am a part of God's plan! 

May God continue to bless Elizabeth and the work she is doing for women!

-Felicia A Iyamu, Germany, author, model, HR 

Knowing her worth, Moving past fears, Embodying her feminine, Meeting a GREAT Guy

I worked with Elizabeth for one on one coaching over a 3 month time period. I will say the experience was life changing for me and worth the money! 

I didn't realize how much my childhood  and past relationships were impacting my current world and ability to find love. Elizabeth gave me the tools to help heal and move forward. She spent a lot of time coaching me in areas that I continued to struggle with in relationships (communication, feminine energy and being more confident on what I bring to the table). 

She is easy to talk to, empathetic, and brings her own personal experience and background to each session. It was very  important to me that I found a coach who had been in my shoes and had personal experience and success that I could learn from. I wish I would have had more time with Elizabeth, she was great.

(UPDATE - MET A GUY) We are exclusive and he told me he loved me but it’s been his actions that have made me know it is true . I finally now know what I’ve been missing and what it’s like actually being treated well. I really didn’t know men like this existed. 

He took me to Chicago this past weekend for a long Fourth of July trip and it was just amazing. He planned everything and even surprised me with massages.

I definitely owe a lot of thanks to you and our work together.  I wasn’t sure about him after 3 dates and almost just broke it off. I went back and thought a lot to our sessions and work and  decided to give it sometime and let him continue to pursue me. I’m so glad I did. Here is a picture of us from our trip. 

I’m hopeful things will continue to be great but regardless of what happens, I now  know what it’s like to have a good man and I’m never going back to anything less!!!

-Stephanie, 37, USA 

Attracted Her DREAM Man Pt 1 (HVW Client)

"Despite the investments in therapy and my personal healing I still had a lot of work to do and most of my dating experience was filled with anxiety, insecurity, attachment to some men after just seeing them once and most of all feeling terrified of being seen, or showing my vulnerability.

The good men who were interested in me, were not exciting to me and I couldn't see or spot healthy behaviour, or find it attractive. I just didn't understand men, what I could expect from them in terms of having my needs met (because I never had the experiences of having my needs met), how to behave around them, what they needed from me and how to be in a good relationship with them.

My life has changed in so many areas. I feel that I built a foundation of skills to look after myself in life. Finding an inner strong core, an understanding of myself and different parts of me better, understanding when I am in "panic mode" and being able to regulate my nervous system and supporting myself, taking care of and loving myself, setting boundaries and communicating. This has improved all of my relationships. I am closer with my family and friends because of this but also managed to cut out things and people that do nothing for me without guilt. I discovered some of my core negative beliefs that have been impacting me my whole life and started on the healing journey for them. My confidence and self acceptance and expression has increased so much and I am comfortable with who I am. 

In the dating area, I saw almost instant results. By tweaking and shifting a few things by becoming and behaving like a high value woman, I got a completely different treatment from men. Men were finally wooing me, a man flew to my city just to spend a few hours with me, they cooked me dinners and took me on nice dates. I felt relaxed and much more confident than before. They were not doing this to try to get something from me (sex), but because they were serious about getting to know me, and showing me they were a great option by treating me well." (Continued in Pt 2 ...)


Attracted Her DREAM Man Pt 2 (HVW Client)

"I learned to remove my shell and how to communicate what I need in a non defensive way that they listen to... I went from feeling aversion towards men to loving them!

Around a month into the program a man came into my life, my now boyfriend, and what feels like my soulmate. I am forever grateful for being on the program while we were dating, because I had resistance and self sabotaging tendencies that I had to work very hard on and together with the support from Elizabeth I managed to work through them. One very strong moment in the program was when I had my 1-1 individual call with Elizabeth. Prior to the call I had so much resistance and fear to letting him into my heart, which showed up as me shifting back and forth between being incredibly attracted to him and suddenly feeling unattracted, and all kinds of thoughts that my brain produced to protect myself. I understood it was a protection mechanism because my body was not lying, I felt a very strong connection, pull and attraction to him in my body. But my head was often spinning with all kinds of sabotaging thoughts. Right after the session with her, I could physically feel how the resistance had disappeared and my heart was open, and that was a turning point for me.

Not long ago I was flipping through my diary and found a page where I described my dream man. My boyfriend is everything of that and more, I could not imagine a person like him before I met him. We are made for each other. He is masculine and driven but deep and reflective, sensible, caring and emotionally intelligent. He is handsome, sexy, classy, fun, we share so many similar experiences in our lives, values and our future vision together. We experience life on the same level. He treats me so well, makes an effort, listens, makes me feel special and we're planning our future together with marriage and kids. I could not imagine being in this relationship and I wake up grateful every single day, and truly appreciate him and everything he adds to my life, to me it is invaluable." 

-Ilona, 33, Europe

"Working with Elizabeth was the best, best, BEST decision I've made."

Anxious attachment healed, no more low quality men AND She's now engaged to the man she met during our coaching :) (UPDATE: ENGAGED!)

"Hiring Elizabeth is undoubtedly one of the best investments I've ever made in myself"

How not only did she heal her fearful avoidant attachment, meet the man she's now engaged to, but her also career also took off (UPDATED: Married!)

Anxiously attached & Waiting on Unavailable Men to Pursued by Her Dream Man (UPDATED: ENGAGED!)

From TERRIBLE experiences with men, to in a committed relationship with a man who treats her like a queen (in 3 months) [Update: Engaged]

How She Went From HEARTBROKEN to in her DREAM RELATIONSHIP in 3 months

Coping very badly with an unexpected breakup from the man she thought she'd marry to healing her core wounds and finding a healthy, secure, masculine man who pursued her & makes her happiness his priority

Anxious Avoidantly Attached & Broken up... to Getting Back Together & Better Than Ever

Divorced Young, To Finding Her Perfect Man & Accepting Herself

Healing from Heartbreak & Learning to Love Herself

From Bad Dates & No Luck to ENGAGED, Pregnant & Job Promotion in 6 months!

42 years old, struggling to find the right man - how after working together she met & got engaged to her PERFECT man WITHIN 6 MONTHS, got a huge job promotion, and is now pregnant!

From Anxiously Attached to Secure & in a Dream Relationship

My High Value Woman Mastermind client shares her journey through the mastermind from anxious attachment, low self worth, poor boundaries, inner dysregulation to secure, in her worthiness, embodied in her feminine, & in a committed relationship with her dream man.

Men Providing for Her In Ways She Couldn't Have Imagined & Healed Relationship With Herself as a Woman

"I’m receiving the support I’ve always wanted…[men] are providing and protecting me at this level I’ve never experienced and it feels really good, it feels really good...I really feel like I got a lot out of this program - a lot more from this program than I have from others, I’ve done a lot of self development, spiritual type programs, self development programs, therapy… but this was very specifically condensed to really understand myself, see any patterns that might be dysfunctional that were not my fault but were my responsibility, and to be really able to shift those things and there was benefit in the course but there has been really big shifts since the course.”

Embodying her Feminine & Breaking her Cycle of BAD men

"[The mastermind] literally changed my mindset about myself, about men, about God, about literally everything and it allowed me to embody myself as a woman, where I was super confused about the way a healthy woman functions and it saved me from a lot unnecessary pain and I honestly came into it thinking I knew a lot and I quickly realized I didn't know much."

Met her boyfriend during the mastermind, & 5 months later they are moving in! The relationship is so safe, secure, loving, & intimate. (UPDATE: They're ENGAGED!)

From Anxious & Insecure to SECURE, PURSUED, & HAPPY

"This mastermind was life changing. I got rid of my anxiety & now I am so happy. I enjoy my life 100%. It really changed everything... now guys also give me a lot more. They are really trying, & really do a lot more for me... But the most important for me is that now I feel good. And I can enjoy my life... I have better relationships with my colleagues & my family. And they told me you changed a lot, you are a totally different person in such a short time."

Avoidant to Secure & Out of Her Masculine to Her Feminine: "I saw more progress with Elizabeth in 3 months than I did in 2+ years of therapy"

"Working with Elizabeth was one of the best things I could have done for myself, I've worked with a lot of therapists over the past two years and nobody has ever gone as deep as Elizabeth did, she really helped me heal these inner wounds that was stopping me from showing up for my relationships like I wanted to."

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