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Uncategorized Apr 28, 2022
I work with driven women who are here to do big things.
Love is one of the important things on that list because a relationship is the place they see themselves becoming more of who they want to be and supporting them in living more big. Their relationship will be their rock & their mirror.
In addition to finding love, after working with me clients have:
✨Expanded their businesses (many of my clients work as business owners or in sales)
✨2 clients I’m aware of published books, spoke on stages
✨Got their dream job
✨Started living lives that were in even more alignment
✨MANY quit the job that they knew wasn’t meant for them & found their purpose & better aligned job, or were thinking about their next career move, or had just started a new aligned job.
I meet women who are just at a new point of becoming.
Which means, many of them have also just left relationships or just been broken up with. Heartbreak is one of the greatest portals for deep transformation.
I didn’t get into this work because I JUST wanted to help women attract love (love is my highest purpose, because having a thriving relationship requires growth, and I’m all about it).
I got into it because this work is really about becoming more self-loving, authentically ourselves, and expressed as who we are. More of who we were meant to be, living our bigger purpose and desires in the world and not playing small.
We are really working on you fully embracing who you are in all your fullness, too muchness, desires, dreams, and power.
We look at where you are shrinking and playing small when it comes to love & the mechanisms behind that.
But everything is connected.
How we do one thing is how we do everything.
So as we expand your capacity to more fully be, love, accept, and express yourself, peer into those shadows, it of course impacts your other relationships and your work & impact.
You start to claim a bigger space for yourself.
You start to claim what you really want authentically.
You start to stop holding yourself back, hiding, because you fear rejection or that you aren’t good enough.
The work we do together is personal transformation. And everything touches everything.
Wherever you aren’t living in alignment with who you really are and what you really want & need will also go into more alignment.
As I wrote on the “about” when I first started my Facebook group The Radiant Woman: my work is really about helping you see that it is safe to shine so you can impact the world with your light:
“And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.” -Marianne Williamson
When I was in 8th grade I was given the assignment to memorize this speech. It’s been the most worthwhile thing I took on.
Now I give it to my clients.
The bigger your vision and desires for your life, the more you hunger for deeper transformation, the more turned on I am.
I’m here to help you rebirth yourself, into the woman you were meant to be & want to be.
Rebirth isn’t an easy process.
It’s not for the faint of heart.
It’s for the woman who can’t not grow, can’t not look into her shadows and bring them into the light, can’t not become more & grow because something inside her is always calling her on.
When my heart was broken for the last time, I was ready for deep growth and transformation. I got that I had to look at myself. And that work, which finding a healthy relationship with a man I wanted to be with was part of, was the place for my deepest personal and spiritual evolution.
I’m your midwife as you birth yourself.
Finding your man is an important piece in the puzzle because it will require a deep level of growth to get there.
Your relationship will be a vital source of growth.
Your man will be part of the reason you become who you become. That rock & also that trigger that shows you your shadows.
You don’t only hire me to find love.
You hire me because you are desire transformation & bigger impact.
You hire me to birth the next level of yourself which includes an incredible, aligned relationship.
You hire me because something In you can’t not grow & you can’t leave this world not having left your mark.
You hire me because I’m a piece of the puzzle you need so you can live what you came here to be and do.
You hire me because you feel a soul resonance with my purpose.
I can’t wait to meet you & see who you choose to become.
I can’t wait to cry happy tears when you tell me you’ve found your dream relationship, the one that is with your person, your home wherever you go, & you have become the next version of you & are thriving.
There are a couple of coveted 1:1 spots available for women who want this.
6 months of deep transformation & your love life never looking the same again. Calling in your soulmate & embodying you.

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