Learn the feminine secrets of being an Adored Woman. Gain the keys to a lifetime of happiness with your man.


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A pathway to relax into your feminine energy, activate his masculine provider & protector, ignite his devotion, & experience dream relationship bliss.




It's Time to be Adored.

  • Are you tired of being¬†stuck in a cycle of fighting,¬†resentment, unhappiness,¬†&¬†disconnection?¬†Want¬†to return to intimacy, connection, & feeling¬†loved in your relationship?¬†¬†
  • Stop overworking & start receiving? (learn how to inspire your man to give you his¬†love, commitment, attention, & effort like never before while you do less for him/the relationship)
  • Do you want to¬†fully embody¬† your feminine, & so you can stop butting heads, doing it all on your own, and instead be adored & taken care of?
  • Do you want to learn¬†how to let go of control¬†& needing to always be in charge and¬†allow your man lead, provide & protect?
  • Do you want to learn how to¬†activate¬†your man's masculine energy¬†so he starts¬†finally taking the lead?¬†¬†
  • Do you want to understand men & the masculine -¬†what motivates them, what they need, how they are different from women, & why they do what they do?
  • Do you¬†want to¬†clear any receiving blocks¬†you have¬†so you can¬†receive from the masculine like a princess? (without feeling guilty, over-giving, distrust, nagging, or coercing)¬†¬†
  • Do you want to be able to relax & trust your man more?
  • Do you want to communicate better with your man?¬†
  • Do you want magic feminine communication frameworks - for needs, wants, boundaries, issues, conflict -¬†that will revolutionize your experience with your man & have¬†him CARE about how you feel & what you need.
  • Do you want to be able to¬†release¬†any anger, resentments, distrust you carry¬†towards men/your man?¬†¬†
  • Do you want to bring back intimacy, passion, & sex?
  • Do you want¬†your relationship to move smoothly & quickly¬†to engagement &¬†marriage?¬†
  • Do you want¬†the tools & frameworks for your relationship/marriage to not only make it but THRIVE?¬†
  • Do you want the keys, mindsets, & frameworks to a successful, thriving union between a man and a woman based on God's design?
  • Do you want to be that one in a million woman¬†who¬†'gets men'? And, therefore, gets the best from them?¬†
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What if men actually want to make you happy?

What if men want you to feel happy, safe, loved, and supported in your relationship with them?

But because of miscommunications, misunderstandings, and resulting disconnection, they often don’t know how or even feel discouraged that it’s even possible to make you happy, causing them to withdraw & give up.

In The Adored Woman, I’m giving you the keys to having a loving & intimate relationships where you feel seen, heard, supported, and fulfilled.

The reality is that the ancient relationship wisdom that was passed down from mother to daughter has been lost in recent generations.


And as a result, women have forgotten our strengths and the unique influence we have over men & over our relationships.

The loss of this practical wisdom has led to women increasing in feeling unhappy, stressed out, exhausted, unloved, unsupported, alone, & single.

But having a loving relationship with a man is our God-given birthright!

And the truth is that the power to EFFORTLESSLY & EASILY create a loving, happy, & fulfilling relationship has been in you all along. 

The relationship you desire does not only exist in fairytales… its ingredients exist in you & your man already. A relationship where you feel cherished, adored, provided for, protected, loved, seen & heard is more than possible, it's inevitable, when you learn the secrets to bringing out the very best in men. 

There is more to the story than what society that tells us when we hear that men are the enemy, the jerks, the idiots, the less evolved, emotionally unavailable ones, the toxic ones.

Men & women actually need each other in order for BOTH of us to fully flourish into who we were meant to be.

Having the relationship of your dreams comes easily when we learn how to be the kind of woman who can have that. (don't worry, this isn't going to be more work, it's going to be LESS work!). 

Are you ready to learn the art of being the woman men adore? (not by doing more, but through being that woman).

When we fully embody our feminine with our man & take the feminine pole, things shift effortlessly - we bring out his masculine provider & protector, we stop fighting, and we get to experience being adored.

Are you ready to get the 'man manual' that you didn't get in school? 

When I hand this to you, you'll realize that 1. men and women are very different and 2. that these differences, in many ways, are perfectly designed to compliment each other but only when we know how to work with the way men are instead of against it.

The truth is that men will fully show up for, fully lead, support, provide for, and want to make happy a woman who understands how men work, knows how to communicate with them, and fully embodies her feminine. 

Are you ready to gain the¬†ūüóĚÔłŹ¬†keys to relationships that make them function smoothly & deliciously, and allow for that beautiful dance of masculine/feminine polarity?¬†

Relationships can be effortless, easy, and even fairytale-like when we understand how to make our relationship work (something we weren't taught) and unlock our ability to bring out the best in our man instead of the worst (and that power does lie within you).

We're in the business of building relationships that not only last the test of time, but THRIVE. 

Let‚Äôs crack the code on men. I‚Äôm going to give you all the ‚Äėcheat codes‚Äô I know to¬†having a loving, fulfilling, happy relationship with¬†your man and igniting his masculine love, devotion, &¬†provision for you.¬†

Without changing who you are, manipulating him, or being fake. 

Learn the relationship codes that will take you from frustrated, disconnected, or unfulfilled in your relationships with men to feeling seen, taken care of, and safe around the masculine (Or how to never have it go bad to begin with and have it always feel like the honeymoon)

Learn exactly what you can do to inspire your man to become…

✨ attentive, affectionate, and communicative 

‚ú® embody his masculine leader, protector, & provider

✨ put in more effort & romance 

✨ do more in the relationship 

✨ fully devote himself to you  

✨ more texts, more calls, more dates, and plans for your future without any nagging or convincing  


ūüóĚÔłŹ¬†Learn the keys to inspiring the masculine provider, protector, & leader in men, how to receive, so that you can soften into your feminine with them

ūüóĚÔłŹ Understand how men operate, how they experience you, and how they experience love (hint: it‚Äôs very different from how you do!)¬†

ūüóĚÔłŹ Bring back fun, playfulness, and romance to your relationship

ūüóĚÔłŹ Gain tools to never fight again in order to be heard¬†

ūüóĚÔłŹ Communication frameworks that will help you communicate your needs, desires, & feelings in a way that will make him want¬†to show up for you & lead to more connection instead of less

  • How to speak to a man and know his language and how to unlock his heart & draw him towards you
  • How to resolve conflict with a man¬†
  • How to get your needs met without being ‚Äúneedy‚ÄĚ "demanding" or "too much"
  • The art of how to set and keep feminine boundaries

ūüóĚÔłŹ Learn the art of polarizing a relationship, invoking his masculine & embodying your feminine to make your relationship¬†HOT ūüĆ∂ÔłŹ and devotional

ūüóĚÔłŹ¬†Heal your wounds & limiting beliefs & distrust around men & the masculine so you can dramatically improve your relationship with your man

ūüóĚÔłŹ Learn the mindsets, frameworks, and structure for divine union marriage based on God's design (what makes marriage actually work & last),¬†so you can experience the lasting, fulfilling relationship you desire

Imagine feeling…

  • Loved, secure and at peace in your relationship¬†
  • Like a woman who is cherished & adored by her man¬†
  • Radiant, blissful, seen, heard, and well-loved in your relationship¬†
  • Relaxed and at ease about the future because you know he‚Äôs fully committed to you & moving things forward¬†
  • Good about yourself and good about him¬†

Do all this WITHOUT:

  • Doing MORE (You're probably doing way too much right now. I'm going to show you how to do¬†LESS & get¬†BETTER results!)
  • Self-Abandoning to try to be someone you're not or do anything that isn't good for you¬†
  • Changing who you are
  • Spending countless hours in couples counseling¬†talking & rehashing that just makes things worse with your man

I know you're thinking... "That sounds great Elizabeth, but this can't possibly work for ME..."  

I assure you, it can. And it will. 

I am teaching you science-backed, researched-based, male psychology based, biology-based, & proven ways to bring out the best in any man. Regardless of age, culture, or country. There are fundamental things about all men that transcend nurture and only have to do with NATURE. 

We are dealing with male INSTINCT. His HARDWIRING. Every single man is hardwired the same on these specific things that I teach.

It works. Just ask my clients.

About me:

Hi! I'm Elizabeth, a woman's coach, mentor, & guide.

Helping women embody their femininity and have dream relationships with men is my life purpose on earth & the gift God has blessed me with.

I'm married to my dream man & have a relationship that is better now that it ever was through following God's design for marriage & applying the wisdom & tools I'm going to be sharing with you.

I've literally been through it all in order to get here, as often happens when we are being prepared to teach something. I've been in an abusive, on & off, toxic relationship, I've been in a relationship that was absolute hell & misery for the both of us because I had no clue what I was doing - I've thought he was the problem, I've thought I was the problem (but for the wrong reasons), I've run, I've been toxic, and I've taken program after program & read book after book until discovering God's design for marriage between a man & a woman (true masculine & feminine polarity), being saved, and through the grace of the Holy Spirit softening into my True Femininity & literally watching my husband become the man I always wanted him to be for me. I know I went through all of this to truly be embodied in what I teach & have experienced the highs & lows so I can help others navigate out of them. 

Today, I am here to show you the way.

Are you Ready?

Your relationship gets to be easy, babe.

I promise you that a gallant knight, with the ability and desire to make you blissfully happy exists inside your withdrawn, disengaged, barely showing up, not sure about the future man. 

When you understand the codes to relationships with men, you’ll unlock his provision, adoration, & commitment to you at a level you didn’t know was possible. 

Your relationship gets to be more than you ever thought possible. 

YOUR MARRIAGE IS WORTH IT. I know you're tired, but love, it is not going to be better unless you gain these tools. Right now, you're probably doing all the wrong things! And I promise you, your relationship is so much easier to fix than you think! ;) 

This program is for you if...

1) This program is most helpful if you are dating someone, in a committed relationship, engaged, or married.

(If you're single you'll want to apply for the High Value Woman Mastermind, my program for single women which helps you attract & choose the right man! The Adored Woman is best taken once you've found him) 

2) You want to better understand men, how to communicate with men, understand the differences between men & women when it comes to love & relationships, how to be in your feminine in your romantic relationship, how to be his 'one and only' through understanding what a man is looking to experience with a woman, and you want to heal your relationship with men & the masculine so that you can feel safe with men (and esp. your man) so you can relax into your feminine & truly allow him to provide, protect, & lead.

3) He's a good man. If you're not sure, watch this video on my instagram where I define what that is. (This program won't work & shouldn't be applied to a truly abusive, unsafe man). REQUIREMENT

4) You have done prior healing work (if needed). Importantly, you aren't bleeding all over with trauma, triggers, & unhealed wounds. If you are, you won't be ready for the work in this container & will likely be highly triggered by it. While we will do *some* inner work in this program, if you need to heal deeper wounds, you should apply for 1:1 coaching as that's for deep trauma work. REQUIREMENT

 5) You are willing to focus on & clean up your side of the street. You don't just want to point fingers and complain about him while taking no personal responsibility for what you can do differently. You are coachable & ready to try anything. The truth is, women hold all the power in relationships. Him working on himself won't have the impact you learning these tools will. REQUIREMENT 

6) You're really excited about your next evolution, the woman you will become & learning the tools to have your dream relationship!


How It Works:

¬†¬†¬†¬†‚úď‚É̬† 9 modules of teaching, Q&A, & examples. 15+ hours of content!¬†

¬†¬†¬†¬†‚úď‚É̬† Videos¬†in¬†a digital library,¬†so you¬†can¬†revisit anytime.¬†

¬†¬†¬†¬†‚úď‚É̬† Other supplementary videos or resources¬†added¬†to the digital library as¬†Elizabeth finds valuable

¬†¬†¬†¬†‚úď‚É̬† Private Facebook group¬†


The Investment:

PAY IN FULL: $1,697 

PAYMENT PLAN: 3 monthly payments of $622 

VIP UPGRADE: get 1 40 minute 1:1 call with Elizabeth for $400, add on. (Can be used for needed deeper healing & inner work, or coaching specific to your situation that you want to do privately.)


Fill out your application here & if there is a fit, you'll receive an email with the link to pay & secure your spot!


Frequently Asked Questions

$1697 USD or $622 USD for 3 months. 

This includes 9 modules and over 16+ hours of content, a private Facebook group for program members to connect, share, support each other, & ask questions, and lifetime access to this program [or as long as the program exists] so you can keep going back to it whenever you need it. 

There is interactive teaching (about 1.5 hours) and then time for questions related to the teachings for that day, and integration "play" work to help you apply the learnings to your life during the week following each training.

You have lifetime access or as long as the course exists.

If for some reason, this course needed to be closed, you'd be given as much notice as possible before it closes.

The High Value Woman is my signature program for single women who are wanting to heal themselves, prepare for, & attract + choose the right man for them.

It gives you all the inner work, self worth work, healing work, past traumas clearing work, understanding yourself at a deep level, emotional regulation & triggers, and feminine energy tools, strategies, mindset shifts specific to being healthy for dating & choosing a high quality man. Its focus is really on you & choosing well. 

It's an advanced level program for deep inner work unlike anything you've done before & mastery of the energetics of dating, attracting, & choosing.

The Adored Woman is designed with the goal of helping you have the best relationship possible with your man. 

It's a deep dive into understanding men (& healing your relationship with them), how they function in a relationship, what their needs are, why they do what they do, masculine-feminine polarity for a relationship (which is VERY different application than when dating),  communication skills & frameworks for communicating with men specifically so you stop having fights & feeling unheard & disconnected and receive devotion, learning frameworks for healthy relationships, & avoiding the specifics places women trip up and mess up their relationships. The focus is less on you as an individual (unlike in the high value woman) & instead on you in relationship with your man. 

This is an advanced level program you will want to take when you have a man, so you can have the best relationship possible.

Yes! Everything in this course will help your dating experience be even better through understanding men and give you the tools to create the relationship of your dreams once you find the right man. 


Students of the program who were dating while in it reported: 

"I've recently started dating and have found this information to be extremely clarifying. Even though this course doesn't focus on dating, I've been able to practice the principles of feminine energy and have found them very effective so far.... Right now I'm dating two men I like who are both pursuing me with effort and kindness, and I'm enjoying dating instead of finding it stressful. Given that I've already seen such encouraging results from your work, I know that once I'm eventually in a relationship I'll have even more tools I didn't have before."

There are no refunds. By purchasing this program, you are agreeing to complete all your payments for this program. 

I give my all to this program, you also have to back yourself & give your 100%.

If we enter something with the mindset of, "well if it doesn't work, I'll just ask for a refund," we are much less likely to give it our all - and unless we give it our all, we won't get results.

If you're feeling drawn to this program, there is something in here for you! 

If you're unsure if¬†program is right for you, send Elizabeth a DM on Instagram @elizabethkarinacoaching, or email her at [email protected].¬†

See my client testimonials below. 

You can click the links anywhere on the page to submit your application. You will most likely be accepted, but Elizabeth likes to gather information about the needs, desires & challenges of those who join to make sure it's the right fit. When accepted, you will receive an email from [email protected] with the payment link to¬†claim your spot.¬†

If you have any questions about the program or which would be best for you, feel free to DM me on Instagram. 


This is a program that takes you through the teachings Elizabeth gives her VIP 1:1 clients who are in relationships that have helped them become their best selves & improve their relationships, in record time. It just takes the right tweaks that make a huge difference almost instantly. 
You will get 9 coaching calls that are a mix of teaching & Q&A with a group of women just like you.
You will have the chance to get your questions answered.
You will have access to a digital library of our group calls.
You get to be part of a private Facebook group for connection & questions.
Our calls cover the information, tools & skills that until now only my 1:1 clients have gotten access to and are designed to take you on a simple, step-by-step journey to shift your relationship into an extraordinary one, with exactly the man you have.

Client Testimonials:

"I would 100% recommend Elizabeth’s coaching. It does not matter the choices we have made, or the path that led us to our current situation. I have learned that I have the power over my own life.  There is no shame or blame in this coaching.  Elizabeth creates a safe space to put everything out on the table and get right to work. I can honestly say that had I have gone through this coaching experience earlier in my life, I believe that I would not have had to go through a divorce, and other toxic relationships before then. I myself am a therapist. This content that Elizabeth coaches and teaches was not taught to me in grad school and is not something that I ever got in therapy, or any other healing modality that I tried. If you are wondering if you should invest the time and money in yourself, I can honestly say that this coaching cost only a fraction of what my divorce cost me, not including the mental and emotional pain I endured. This transformational coaching was not always easy, but it was always worth it."


"Working with Elizabeth was the best, best best decision I have ever made! It was an investment in myself that has forever impacted me in only amazing ways! I am forever grateful to you Elizabeth!

My friends and family they see me and they tell me "you just look so different, you just look happy."



"I highly recommend Elizabeth as a life coach.

I have struggled in life and relationships for a long time and had many coaches in the past. So when I saw Elizabeth talking on Facebook I did some investigation into her background as she seemed to know what she was talking about. I found that she was highly educated at a prestigious university. So, I thought I would give her a try.

After the first session I was convinced. I felt fabulous and knew she could help me. I am so glad I did.

Her methods of getting to the root of the problem and digging it out were innovative, easy and fun. I felt better-and-better. I looked forward to each session. She guided me through exercises to overcome my anxieties and past problems that were holding me back from happiness."


"[after learning about men & my feminine energy] Men were finally wooing me, a man flew to my city just to spend a few hours with me, they cooked me dinners and took me on nice dates. I felt relaxed and much more confident than before. They were not doing this to try to get something from me (sex), but because they were serious about getting to know me, and showing me they were a great option by treating me well. I could finally understand men and not be threatened or overwhelmed by them. I understood that they are not hairy women and that they have their own unique invaluable qualities different from women, and I appreciate them for who they are and what they provide in the world. My relationship has improved to all men in my life, my team members, colleagues, friends and strangers. I learned to remove my shell and how to communicate what I need in a non defensive way that they listen to and to give lots of appreciation for everything they are doing for me and others. I went from feeling aversion towards men to loving them!" 


"I‚Äôm receiving the support I‚Äôve always wanted‚Ķ[men] are providing and protecting me at this level I‚Äôve never experienced and it feels really good, it feels really good...I really feel like I got a lot out of this program - a lot more from this program than I have from others, I‚Äôve done a lot of self development, spiritual type programs, self development programs, therapy‚Ķ but this was very specifically condensed to really understand myself, see any patterns that might be dysfunctional that were not my fault but were my responsibility, and to be really able to shift those things and there was benefit in the course but there has been really big shifts since the course.‚ÄĚ

About Elizabeth

Elizabeth is an international dating coach who specializes in helping high achieving women attract & keep love with quality, committed men.

She spent over 12 years studying dating, relationships, differences men/women, feminine energy, & healing through work through the subconscious, parts work, inner child, somatics, & human transformation. She combines this extensive knowledge & experience in her comprehensive approach that helps clients heal insecure attachment patterns & change their subconscious love blueprints, raise their self-worth, & learn how to communicate with men that help them attract the right man, & have extraordinary relationships. 

She makes understanding the dynamics of male-female relationships EASY & FUN.

Elizabeth has helped countless single clients find dream relationships even after devastating breakups or many years single & helped clients build amazing relationships. 

Elizabeth began as a teacher, getting her M.Ed. from Harvard University & leverages her world-class educational background in teaching clients everything they need to know to change their relationship patterns & finally have successful, healthy, fulfilling love. Her clients range from across the globe, from New York to California, from England to Australia. Her teachings are based on psychological principles & Biblical femininity, that applies to all cultures & backgrounds. And her work is based on her own struggles with men/dating to finally finding the answers she needed & attracting her own dream man within 3 months. Elizabeth lives in Boston, USA with her husband & partner of 6 years.


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