1:1 Intensive

2 Session Package with Elizabeth

"Thank you so much for our 1:1 session on Monday. It untied a big knot for me and I can feel the breakthrough. My thoughts have shifted tremendously ever since." 



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Hi, I'm Elizabeth

I'm a mentor, healer, coach, & teacher for women. 

Over the past 12 years (since 2011), I've been studying human psychology, differences between men & women, communication, healing & inner work, dating, polarity, attraction & relationships. I've become an expert in helping women heal their deepest childhood wounds, shift out of their codependent, collapsed feminine or their hyper-independent, hyper-strong, false masculine, and embody their healthy, empowered, soft, & irresistible feminine energy with men & everywhere in their lives, so that they can be the woman they always were, underneath the coping mechanisms, maladaptations, & false programming they had taken on over the course of their lives. I help women finally love themselves and have the relationship they always dreamed of. 

I do this through the use of somatic trauma healing work, parts work, inner child healing, subconscious rewiring & reprogramming, belief work, embodiment & practical teaching/guidance. I have helped hundreds of women break out of the patterns that were holding them back & live a life no longer constrained by their pasts or what society has taught them.

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1:1 Intensive

2 session package with Elizabeth


2 6o minute 1:1 coaching calls to be scheduled over a two week period. 


The 1:1 intensive is perfect for you if you are not ready to invest in a 3 or 6 month 1:1 container with Elizabeth but want to dip your toes in & get help with one specific thing. 

In just 2 sessions, you can experience enormous shifts and feel like you've broken through serious blocks to being the woman you want to be & having the love life you want to have. 

On this call, we can do a number of things whether it's deeper healing work, coaching, guidance or whatever you need in order to get a breakthrough in what you bring to the call:

  • working on healing a specific trigger
  • working on healing a childhood wound
  • changing a negative self belief (like 'I'm not enough')
  • a place you're blocked in embodying more of your feminine
  • feminine communication skills for a specific/recurring situation
  • insights into understanding men or into understanding successful,¬†masculine men, in particular¬†(how they operate, what they need, how they think, keys to his heart)
  • shifting¬†how you relate to men & how men treat you¬†¬†
  • online dating¬†help
  • dating questions & guidance
  • how to get the next level of commitment from your man (relationship, engagement, marriage)
  • Identifying if it's him or you who's the problem
  • addressing a relationship challenge or fear
  • addressing¬†a specific¬†pattern/problem that's been showing up in your dating or relationships with men

Once you purchase your sessions, you will be emailed a link to schedule your calls & an intake form to fill out for Elizabeth to collect relevant information for where you're wanting coaching.

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"Elizabeth is a dream. She has a gift to hold space for others, no matter how similar, different or painful their experiences have been with support, love and grace while also holding you to the highest standards for yourself. There is nothing you could not bring to her."


"The 1-1 call was amazing and I didn't think that that short time alone with Elizabeth would be so impactful. I love Elizabeths view on relationships that is a bit more traditional, stemming from the understanding of how men and women are different and have different roles and needs. Through my own experience I saw that many of us have core instincts and longing to fall back to our natural behaviour. Supporting our female or masculine sides. When I was behaving from my feminine, I felt so much better and I could see that the men I was dating had an aha-moment where they seemed to get their needs met."


This Intensive is For You If...

You just want a quick burst of healing or coaching and have a specific place in mind where you're stuck, want healing, or are seeking guidance and wanting quick insight into & tools for dealing with.

You know you have blindspots and want my perspective & insight. 

You want help with this NOW.

You are ready to immediately implement based on what we coach on. 

You are coachable & ready to follow Elizabeth's guidance, even if what she's saying is different than anything you've heard or done before.

You understand that we cannot fix everything in your life/love life in two sessions. We will only be focusing on one or two things and real change takes time & continued work over time.

You want to try 1:1 coaching with Elizabeth before investing in a bigger package or simply don't have the resources right now to invest in a bigger package.  

"Prior to the call I had so much resistance and fear to letting him into my heart, which showed up as me shifting back and forth between being incredibly attracted to him and suddenly feeling unattracted, and all kinds of thoughts that my brain produced to protect myself. I understood it was a protection mechanism because my body was not lying, I felt a very strong connection, pull and attraction to him in my body. But my head was often spinning with all kinds of sabotaging thoughts. Right after the session with her, I could physically feel how the resistance had disappeared and my heart was open, and that was a turning point for me, from that moment I could feel and see the scared little girl inside of me, and be there for her. This put me in touch with the love in my heart for him."


How it Works

Pay for your 1:1 intensive through the payment options below.

You will receive an email with a link to schedule your first call. 

You will fill out intake form so Elizabeth can prepare for the session ahead of time. 

Show up to the call & receive life-changing shifts! 

You'll spend a week (or two) to integrate & put the work we did on call 1 into practice, & then have a second call for follow-up, further work, & integration.

Please note: if spaces fill up for the current month, you will be notified and will be given the next available space. (There are only a limited number of these spots available each month).



Pay In Full: $1,200

2 60 minute 1:1 calls

You will get email support for one week after each call for questions & integration support (One email exchange per day max).  

**All sales are final. No refunds for any reason. If you do not show up for a scheduled call & don't cancel 24 hours in advance, there will not be a makeup call or refund for the missed call.**

Any questions, email me:¬†[email protected]¬†

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Payment Plan: 2 payments of $650 two weeks apart 

2 60 minute 1:1 calls

You will get email support for one week after each call for questions & integration support (One email exchange per day max).  

Please Note: If you choose the payment plan, you will have two weeks in between our calls (before each call, a payment will be made). 

**All sales are final. No refunds for any reason. If you do not show up for a scheduled call & don't cancel 24 hours in advance, there will not be a makeup call or refund for the missed call.**

Any questions, email me:¬†[email protected]¬†

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